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Why “Climate Tech Distillery”? 🤔

To distill means to “extract the essential meaning or most important aspects of”. Instead of writing long and complex deep dives I want to take you from 0 to 1 in each topic and give you everything you need to then have a conversation about it and even explore deeper if you want.

The content is easy to understand, inspired by the Richard Feynman style of teaching.

About me 🧐♻️🧑🏻‍💻

I’ve always loved everything about sustainability and how we can fix climate change.

After many years of reading, watching videos, listening to people and even getting anxious about it, I decided to take action.

In March 2022 I started writing about climate tech on LinkedIn, and 7 months later I’m launching a newsletter to share even more learnings about this.

I want to spark people’s curiosity and help them understand all of these topics so they can take action in a much more informed way and also get inspired by what some companies are doing.

Ultimately I want to embed positive climate impact into people’s decision making process at work, at home, when investing, when buying, everywhere!

So we can beat the crap out of climate change :)

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